Professional License Defense & Reinstatement

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Criminal Charges Can Affect Your North Carolina Professional License

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, broker, real estate agent, nurse, therapist or other professional who holds a license from a North Carolina agency or organization, a criminal conviction can have a serious impact on your ability to continue working. Fines and prison sentences aside, the loss of a professional license can mean the loss of your career.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys understand that there are collateral consequences to a criminal conviction or guilty plea. We work with licensed professionals throughout the Charlotte area who are at risk of losing their professional licensure if a criminal case is not favorably resolved. Contact our law firm online or at 800-511-7869 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Fighting A Professional License Suspension Or Revocation

Each North Carolina licensing authority is different; each maintains its own qualifying and disqualifying rules that are used to grant, deny, suspend or revoke licensure. Typically, an allegation of professional misconduct or wrongdoing that results from an internal corporate investigation, anonymous tip or other source must be made to the licensing authority who then must decide whether to conduct investigations and prosecute.

A variety of criminal charges can put a criminal license in jeopardy if the license-holder is convicted, such as:

Do not be confused by legal terms related to conviction. Typically a guilty plea will be treated the same as a conviction by a judge or a jury of a criminal charge; in addition, a no-contest plea may also be considered an admission of guilt by your licensing agency.

If your license is suspended or revoked or you are the recipient of other disciplinary actions as a result of a criminal conviction, you may have the right to an administrative hearing or appeals process. Again, each profession is different; your ethics committee can help you understand what actions may put your particular license at risk and our firm can help you with professional license defense.

Before Agreeing To A Guilty Plea, Contact Roberts Law Group

As a former prosecutor in three North Carolina counties, our lead Charlotte white collar criminal defense attorney and founder, Patrick Roberts, has a unique understanding of how cases are built against individual defendants. He uses that knowledge, along with the experience of the white collar crimes defense team at Roberts Law Group, PLLC, to build an effective defense strategy when your professional license is on the line.

Roberts is a graduate of the "White Collar Criminal Defense College" at Stetson University where he received extensive training on white collar defense issues such as:

  • Making presentations to the Government in the form of proffers.
  • Navigating the ethical dilemmas a client may face such as retention of his or her clientele.
  • The efficient manner in which to oversee the search of our client's records and related documentation.
  • The parallel proceedings with professional organizations resulting from an allegation of committing a white collar crime.
  • The most effective manner to represent not just large corporations but also the small corporation or individual.
  • Effective trial preparation and jury selection.
  • Conducting our own investigation, separate and apart from the respective government agency.

We understand that your professional license is how you provide for your family, how you keep a roof over your head and how you put food on the table. It is a necessity. Don't take the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction on your professional license lightly. Contact our law firm online or at 800-511-7869 if you have questions about reinstating a revoked license or fighting a license suspension.