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http://www.patrickrobertslaw.com/ 919-838-6643 The criminal law attorneys of Roberts Law Group, PLLC represent clients in white collar crime cases in state and federal courts. Contact our firm for federal crime representation.

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White collar crimes often involve complicated issues related to finances, procedural law, accounting and various federal and state laws governing corporate entities.

At Roberts Law Group, PLLC, in Charlotte, we represent doctors, lawyers, brokers, agents, business executives, health care providers, clinics and other professionals facing charges of white-collar crime in state court or federal court. If you or your company is being investigated for fraud or other criminal activity, contact our office by e-mail for a free consultation or call 800-511-7869.

Experienced White Collar Crimes Defense

Our white collar crime defense lawyers represent individuals charged with fraud and other white-collar offenses such as:

  • Investment fraud, including securities fraud, securities law violations and insider trading
  • Other types of financial fraud, including bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud and money laundering
  • Income tax evasion and tax fraud
  • Wire fraud and mail fraud
  • Crimes against employers such as felony larceny or embezzlement and breach of trust
  • Computer and Internet fraud such as hacking and identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Immigration fraud
  • Health care fraud such as Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Intellectual property offenses

Why Roberts Law Group, PLLC, Is The Right Law Firm For You

Our founding attorney, Patrick Roberts, has successfully handled both jury and bench trials as a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer. He is a graduate of the "White Collar Criminal Defense College" at Stetson University, training that included extensive coverage of the following elements of white collar crimes defense:

  • Making presentations to the Government in the form of proffers.
  • Navigating the ethical dilemmas a client may face such as retention of his or her clientele.
  • The efficient manner in which to oversee the search of our client's records and related documentation.
  • The parallel proceedings with professional organizations resulting from an allegation of committing a white collar crime.
  • The most effective manner to represent not just large corporations but also the small corporation or individual.
  • Effective trial preparation and jury selection.
  • Conducting our own investigation, separate and apart from the respective government agency.

Our team of criminal defense attorneys at Roberts Law Group, PLLC, in Charlotte can be the legal know-how on your side when a federal agency like the Securities and Exchange Commission, is forcing you to defend stock trading actions that were misconstrued as criminal activity.

If You Are Under Investigation For A White Collar Crime, Contact An Attorney

Authorities do not typically undertake an investigation unless they suspect criminal misconduct. Regardless of your innocence, once investigators begin to collect information and evidence, chances are a case is already being built against you.

It is important to consult with our criminal defense attorneys immediately if you are being investigated. Not only can we advise and represent you in any dealings with authorities, including questioning, answering document requests and preparing for grand jury testimony, but we can also take precautions necessary to handle any misdirected surveillance or monitoring. Additionally, we can help with professional license defense and reinstatement.

Understanding how a company operates is crucial in providing our clients with an effective defense in corporate investigations and against charges of business fraud or other professional allegations. In defending against your charges, our North Carolina white collar crimes defense attorneys carefully interview employees and subpoena records and communications, including emails, office memos, files and meeting minutes.

Contact Roberts Law Group, PLLC, online or at 800-511-7869 to put a team of defense attorneys from our Charlotte law office on your side.

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