What Are The Chances That We Will Win?

North Carolina State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

While we would love to promise all of our clients that we will either get the charges against them dismissed or that we will win them an acquittal at trial, we just cannot make those promises. But we can tell you about our prior successes:

  • We have successfully defended hundreds of clients throughout North Carolina.
  • We have negotiated for lesser charges and penalties for our criminal defense clients.
  • We have gotten charges completely dismissed for our clients.
  • We have received verdicts after trial acquitting our clients of all charges.

With more than 20 years of combined trial experience and the knowledge and insight of a former New Hanover County Assistant District Attorney, the Wilmington criminal defense attorneys at Roberts Law Group, PLLC, have the ability to achieve the best possible results when you face state or federal criminal charges.

Honest Answers Based on Our Criminal Defense Experience

Once we have had a chance to sit down and discuss the facts of your case with you, we will be able to give you a better idea of your chances for dismissal or acquittal. If the prosecutor does not have sufficient evidence to prove the charges against you, we will fight for a dismissal based on the inadequacy of the evidence.

Even if there is direct evidence that you committed the crime(s) charged, we will investigate how law enforcement obtained that evidence. If evidence was illegally obtained, as when a search warrant is required, but police did not take the time to get one, we will work to have that evidence excluded from the prosecutor's case against you. If by keeping out key evidence the prosecutor can no longer prove the case against you, we will also seek a dismissal of the charges.

If we take your case to trial, either a jury or a judge will decide your guilt or innocence. If you are found not guilty of the crimes with which you were charged, you have been acquitted. You are free to go.

Roberts Law Group, PLLC: Proven Results In Difficult Cases

Call 910-212-5555 today or contact our firm to set up a meeting with a North Carolina defense lawyer from Roberts Law Group, PLLC. We will discuss your case and give you honest answers about what to expect in your criminal case.